We´re one of the leading service providers in the field of coatings in South Thuringia.

Through our multi-year experience we offer a method of coating small parts (as big as a cent) up to large parts 12mx2mx3m and even parts that weigh tons.

Multiple and multi-coatings are on the agenda for us. We coat the entire RAL-Color-Palette in various surfaces e.g. mattings, structures and metallic effects.

Special customer requests like RAL-Design, NCS, Sikkens, Pantone, RAL-Effect… can be fulfilled.

We have no quantity limit. We realize orders up 25.000 pieces/day. Our great strengths are in the fields of Industry Coating, Steelwork Coating and Bicycle Coating. We also offer the rays of parts in sizes of 12m x 3m x 3m. We use this procedure for the pretreatment of large parts. Pieces get derusted, cleaned or sweeped after hot-dip galvanizing. We are also able to gently sandblaster these parts with glass beads.Beads rays can also be used for finishing stainless steel surfaces.

Liquid Coating is another sector we offer, e.g. airless coating for large parts without limited sizes. A layer thickness of 300 and more can be achieved. Liquid coating on plastic, wood and metal in the traditional way is also possible. Structures and gloss are freely selectable.

Furthermore we´re able to powdercoat your metal parts and to paint your plastic parts in the same color. Based on your well-conceived production planning we´re highly flexible. For that reason the transport of your goods can be included.

Essential conditions to fulfill the rising demands on coating product features like high profitability and eco-friendliness, relevant chemical and physical features but also a variety of colour- and surfaceeffects are necessary.