History of the company Rockenstein

1909 Adolf Rockenstein founds a knitting in Schleusingen which developes to the 2nd largest company in town
1922 Walter and Wilhelm Rockenstein take over the leadership
1954 the company expropriates due to Governments´ instructions
1955 Walter and Joachim Rockenstein dare a new start – a small company arises in the garden-stockings are produced again
1955 birth of Lutz Rockenstein – founder of Rockenstein GmbH
1962 extansion of the production building by a new unit
1969 the production is banned – Carl Zeiss Jena takes over the manufacturing premises
1969 birth of Alexander Rockenstein – under tragic circumstances
1990 Joachim Rockenstein repurchases the buildings by "Treuhand"
1991 Lutz Rockenstein starts building up Powder Coating in these premises
1994 Alexander Rockenstein starts on working in the company
1994 autum: moving into the premises of "Kern Technik" Schleusingen --> the production area doubles
start planning the new production plant
1995 move into Real Estate; production area is tenfold
1996 building a tent camp of 625m²-the area in the company is sufficient no longer
1996 2nd coating cabin is in operation now
1998 warehouse extension
1999 large volume coating extension
2000 moving into a new administration building
2000 bicycle-coating extension and wet-painting extension
2000 foundation of "Ro-Ko Montage GmbH" as a result:expand service packages, including assembly service especially in the bicycle sector
2002 the first trainee finished his apprenticeship training
2002 Joachim Rockenstein died
2004 planning and starting the construction of the 3rd bicycle extension and wet painting extension
2004 Quality management system certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
2005 3rd construction is completed – prompt moving-in
2005 master craftman's diploma of Alexander Rockenstein – best graduation 2005
2005 10th anniversary of "Rockenstein GmbH"
2006 Creditreform awards with the title: "100 erfolgreichste Unternehmen in Südthüringen/100 most successfull companies"
2007 RVP (Rockenstein Verbesserungs Prozess/Rockenstein Process Improvement) is launched by Lutz Rockenstein
2008 repairing the roofs of hall 1,2 and 4 after a hail demage

recertification of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000


Rockenstein GmbH setteled down on May 9, 1909 - it's the 100th year!


recertification of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000